OzSuperNanny Services


Angela Jacobsen has spent many years building the OzSuperNanny brand and it encompasses many different elements, meaning that she has you covered whether you need help with your child or your dream of becoming a Nanny yourself.


Need some help with your Child? You can book Angela to either come to your home for a private consultation or help online with issues such as Sleep, Behaviour, Toilet training, Nutrition & Finding You time.

OzSuperNanny Private Consulting 

Do you need the OzSuperNanny to visit your home? Do you have problems with Sleep, Behaviour, Toilet Training, Nutrition or Finding You time? Book Angela to come to your home to help turn your life around through observation, strategic planning and implementation. Angela will also do a follow up visit to help you implement these changes and ensure inner peace is maintained. See our consulting pack in the shop.

OzSuperNanny Skype Consulting 

If you live in a remote area or Angela can't get to your house you can buy Skype Consultations These are hourly sessions online where Angela can help resolve your family issues or just simply be someone to listen.  

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