Baby Love

Babies come into this world every day, and each deserves the very best care. Even so, they don't come with instruction manuals, and few people have the time to learn everything they need to know.


That's where Baby Love comes in. Organized by topic, in alphabetical order, it's full of tips about everything from toilet training to the items you'll want to take along when you and your baby are on the go. You'll learn about the importance of establishing a routine, how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your baby's diet (and author Angela Jacobsen's top ten list of vegetables), and why you'll want to have plenty of plastic bags on hand.


From England to Hong Kong, Jacobsen has been a nanny to babies for more than fifteen years, accumulating a wealth of information along the way. She doesn't hesitate to get specific when it comes torecommending particular products andhow to use them, whether it's sun protection or baby food.


Whether you're about to have your own baby, know someone who's expecting, or thinking of becoming a nanny yourself, Baby Love offers a valuable resource and makes a great gift. Each entry is brief and to the point, so that you'll be able to learn what you need to know and then get back to what you most want to be doing: spending time with the baby in your life!

Baby Food


Author Angela Jacobsen has over fifteen years of experience working with infants, babies, and toddlers all over the world. In her newest book, Baby Food, Angela shares her knowledge to help you become a better feeder for your healthy little eater.


From the breast to the cup, Angela describes various methods of helping your child make the appropriate transitions from infancy through toddlerhood. She has also provided a detailed, comprehensive day-by-day guide to weaning, ensuring your ability to promote the easiest, healthiest transition to solid foods for your baby.


Additionally, Angela offers a series of seven-day menus to help you plan your child's meals based on his or her age and the length of time you've been weaning. Finally, for when your child is ready for solid foods, she has also included a number of easy and delicious recipes to help you give your baby only the best: quality food made fresh at home.

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