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Angela Jacobsen has cared for and entertained children of all ages, all over the world for more than 25 years. Angela has worked for high profile VIP's including sports stars, politicians, royalty, and celebrities from the film and music industries.


From England to Hong Kong, Australian Angela Jacobsen has accumulated a wealth of information and experience and is now sharing this with parents and carers around the world. Angela does not hesitate to get specific when it comes to recommending particular products and how to use them, whether it's sun protection or baby food.


Babies come into this world every day and each deserves the very best care. Children don't come with an instruction manual so that's where Angela Jacobsen, the OzSuperNanny, is here to help you. If you have got children, one on the way, know someone who's got children or are thinking of becoming a Nanny yourself, OzSuperNanny is here to help.


Christine Hutchins - Australia


"I first made contact with Angela in 2014 when I required the services of a fulltime Nanny for an International leading actress I was working with. Angela was very professional, organised and understood immediately the requirements and difficulties associated with a mother who would be travelling, working long hours away from home and trying to juggle a small family. She was able to advice the set up their rental house and provide with direction from our actress everything ready for when the family arrived. I have kept in touch with Angela, asking advice on occasion, and utilised her services again recently when trying to recruit another nanny for a leading actress. Although not available to do the job herself she was able to give me several suitable contacts to offer our leading lady. I would have no hesitation in recommending Angela to anyone with need for VIP Nanny Services. From my perspective, she understands the demands and unique challenges we have in Film and Television and the requirements of those who work in the industry. She is well placed to assess the needs of a client and pair with the most suitable nanny for the family situation.

Vivian Pei - Singapore


"When she put the word out that she was going to film a show is about helping families with various issues, I put my hand up. "Remember when I joked about sorting my kids out? Well can you please help sort us out?". I was having problems in my marriage and it was affecting the other parts of my life, including of course, my children.Ange came into my home, met my kids (who unsurprisingly took her immediately), talked me through the issues, gave me concrete solutions and was supportive of my sensitive situation. She was professional, yet caring and warm. And it hasn't ended there. She continues to check in on me and see how I am. I can't recommend Angela enough, she really is the Supernanny"

Zurina Bryant - Singapore


My kids have never been fans of trying new foods. One visit from OzSuperNanny Angela and a few great tips and things have changed for the better! My goal of traveling with the kids, having un-fussy food times has now been achieved! Thank you Angela!

Paula Robinson - Singapore


"Having Angela Jacobsen in our home was a such a pleasant experience. She is a very friendly and warm person so it didn't take long for my two boys to be comfortable around her. She spoke with authority and kindness and my boys responded well. While I pride myself in having respectful, well behaved children, it is nice to have someone with a lot of varied experience to bounce questions to when the need arises. Angela has a wide variety of experience to draw from and there is not much she hasn't dealt with. I highly recommend calling her if you have questions or need help with your children!"

Caroline Kaplan - USA


"I spent 4 months in Italy for my job and Angela came and lived with me there and looked after my one and a half year old. I worked incredibly long hours and was in a foreign land and without Angela I simply could not have gotten through it. Beyond being a wonderful housemate and reliable, generous and trusted presence, she most importantly cared for my daughter in a way that I never worried or felt any conflict about her well being, safety and happiness. Angela navigated a new environment seamlessly and made a real home for us in Italy. During her time with Angela, my daughter developed wonderful behavior and learned valuable lessons and simply thrived being around her."

Mirella Pourounidis

- Australia


"Angela Jacobsen came into our home in March 2006 and was/is a great influence on our children, Monique and Harrison. Monique was two years of age and Harrison was six months of age. She built a strong bond with both children. Angela respected and followed our house rules and was proactive with any issues that arose. Monique was being toilet trained at that time and Angela assisted in this stage of development. She also encouraged the children to be creative and took the children to the library quite often to further reading and listening skills. She is very trustworthy, punctual and she would go out of her way to help e.g. many last minute calls to look after the children. Angela is fun-loving, friendly, well groomed and full of life. She is very affectionate and has a continued love and friendship with Monique and Harrison and the entire family"

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